9:00 – 10:10am
See you bright and early!

Join us for breakfast and some time to connect with others before the day begins.

Morning Keynote

10:15 – 10.40am
Topics in Canadian Tech & Go-To-Market Strategy

Presented by Capital One


10:50 – 11:40am
Queer Identity in Media & Tech Community

A discussion about self-identity and representation in the media and technology sector. Building a personal brand is key in both the technology sector and within the LGBTQ2+ community. We'll discuss: how do they intersect? What makes our intersectional identities unique?



11:50 – 12:45pm
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Presented by Diligen

Artificial Intelligence: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Can you distinguish AI facts from AI myths? Join the Diligen team in an interactive discussion around artificial intelligence, what it can and cannot do, important ethical considerations, and AI's effect on the future of technology.


What is FinTech? Innovation in Financial Services Today & Tomorrow

Presented by Fundserv

FinTech – a word often bandied about in media and technology circles, yet is still a bit vague, even for tech experts and entrepreneurs “in the know”. While normally associated with start-ups and disruptors, the term is changing how companies do business - it’s reframing what it means to be an innovator.

In this workshop, participants will hear from two different experts about the value and challenges of tech versus business thinking. Learn how avante garde and traditional methodologies are used to address issues for the Canadian investment management industry. Develop an understanding of how themes like digitization, machine learning, AI (robo-advisors) and back-office solutions are shaping this space today and for the future.

Then put your ideas, and entrepreneurial thinking, into practice during a mini breakout session. Tackle a real-world tech adoption challenge to grow your own skills. Test how both traditional organizations and innovators are solving key FinTech issues for the financial services community. Devise your solution before coming back together to hear about the other team’s and then decide on the best approach!


Lunch & Panel

12:50 – 2:05pm
Best Practices for Diversity & Inclusion in High Growth Teams

Presented by Hubba

What are some of the strategic goals, business practices, or recruitment initiatives your companies are using to build an inclusive environment? What are some examples (both policy and systems) that will attract and engage a diverse talent pool? How do we create or sustain an inclusive community?



2:10 – 3:05pm
Digital Marketing 

Presented by Nathan Monk, Sr. Strategist, Growth & Scale, MaRS Venture Services


Workshop: Career Pathways: Navigating Roles in Tech

Presented by Derek Watson, VP Engineering, TWG

Are you hunting for hidden career opportunities in the tech industry? Join Derek Watson, TWG’s VP of Engineering, as he shares valuable insights from his 18-year career in software. Find out what life is like behind the scenes at a leading independent software studio, learn about the different roles and departments you’ll find in a tech company, how and who tech companies hire, and what employers are looking for.

Exhibitor Fair

3:10 – 5:00pm
Connect with Companies & Community Partners


Lightning Rounds

4:45 – 5:25pm
Bite-sized pitches and talks from members of the LGBTQA+ community

Nima Jalalvandi of Octoraise, Chad LeBaron & Kirk John Williams of LIIV, Hanna Zaidi of CommuniHelp, Pholysa Mantryvong of Enkidoo Tech, and more to be announced.



Fireside Talk

5:30 – 6:10pm
Stepping into the Role of a Leader

Lauren Strapagiel, Managing Editor, Canada, Buzzfeed & Patrick Postrehovsky, Co-Founder & CEO, RentMoola

There are many roles to play as an entrepreneur. The one that is most vital is learning how to become a leader. Join Lauren and Patrick as he shares his insights on leadership, the highs and lows of building a global business, and personal story of coming out.

Networking & Refreshments

6:10 – 7:00pm
Networking & Refreshments



7:00 – 8:00pm
C-Suite Panel: Get to know your Canadian Start-Ups & AMA

We'll be discussing business tactics, strategy, and how leaders in the Canadian Tech Community are adding value to customers, employees, and the community as a whole. How does the Canadian tech community identify opportunities? How do we build upon current trends and serve our end users? How can the tech community build a strategic roadmap for where technology is headed? How can LGBTQA+ members of the community shape their careers and the future of Canadian Tech?